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Hey it’s us, We for you.

How it would be like if we tell you that we can make you feel every emotion through some words. Or make you visit some destinations with photos?

For a formal introduction to our blog, we’ll say we are two teenagers, to bitchers (for bitching), two schoolmates, two classmates and hope to stay life mates (as friends don’t get the wrong idea). We are here to try something different. Something we didn’t have before and are believing will stay foe long. Our blog will tell you about us, our experiences’ our emotions, our feelings. We’ve lots to offer and few to ask for your support, love, care and of course you to follow us and be one of us (won’t lie we are doing this for money, chill and passion).

As already mentioned before we are two friends DJ for exploring and SOLU for expressing and assuring life to be a blessing.

We will be walking on the dreams together. We will be diving in the clouds forever.– SOLU

Life is the biggest party you have ever seen. We would like to offer you free tickets . Would you like to join us?

D. Jhawar
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