About Us!

It would be our pleasure If you’d join us. We will walk together picking flowers of joy in the garden of hope, we will swim together in the ocean of growth.

Devanshi Jhawar

Hello. My name is Devanshi Jhawar commonly known as DJ. To the world I’ve always been known as a classical dancer, artist, traverse, book enthusiast, student and an animal lover. But, to my parents I’m just a lazy girl who wanna have a snack and then a nap. A girl who loves to talk too much (which is unfortunately true). I just love watching football and cricket (but, the fact is I can only watch because when it comes to playing you’ll not find anyone worse than me).

Till date I’ve not accomplished any extraordinary thing. But, this time if we’ll be together we can surely achieve unimaginable heights.

It’s never too late or early to start. The most important thing is to start

D. Jhawar

Anjali Solanki

For me it’s always been a sea.


Hey! My name is Anjali Solanki aka Solu. Yes this was my quote. For my intro I’m in my teens exploring my soul. I prefer sitting with time probably doing painting, writing poems, listening music. I wish I could have added reading novels, but Indian middle class parents, “first read your course books then we’ll thing the rest.”Yeah you relate.

I’ve always been fascinated by this hobby of mine. Writing poetry of course. My first poem was on water pollution can you imagine, please don’t. But, as life is flowing I’m going with it. Now, I’ve more colors in my rainbow and hoping to add more.

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