O darling you were never alone. The sun, the moon and the stars were always there for you. My precious standing alone is a strength, rather than weakness. The truth that you count on yourself and not anyone else is in itself beautiful. There would be no exception to be disappointed in. My love nobody will be able to take away your credibility. You will be all full as people out there are half from depth. My dear one don’t be discouraged that no one is walking beside you, but be happy that no one is taking your space.

While standing in middle of nowhere you find yourself alone look at the sky, who doesn’t depends on any source out there. Even the fastest energy light cant cut through the sky.

The tree still ripens its fruits, if it’s in the backyard or forest. My treasured value your loyalty towards you, in some brainless heart hurt relationships people start leaving themselves. You are true to yourself, it’s not selfish but self care.


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Published by teentoday

Trying to make our teenage memorable. Looking forward to gain experience and tell stories.

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