Dreams are to be fulfilled, not muted🤐.

Indian parents in the league of supremacy in hierarchy of the society, forget that their children too have dreams Hopes and expectations from life. They too want to live a financially stable but happy life.

How can they presume that becoming something according to their perception will end me with a happy life. When today my soul dies every second in the thought of why am I being criticized for something I am not good at. When today I am not happy, free, and unafraid of few numbers. When today I am being folded with wrong step that I take, these folds will just end me with regretful lines on my heart. When today I am just feeling disgusted of what I am, when today I am ashamed of who I am, when today I having so my talents is considered to be useless.

I must say that I’m not perfect or God gifted  or heavenly talented. I just have these small talents. But let me give a try, just don’t be disappointed at every nonacademic achievement. I know if I work hard in my field I would grow into the most strong tree, bear most beautiful flowers, and give  most delicious fruits. Just at least let me learn, just at least test me don’t just give me this diploma of failure.

I love love love writing poetries, I love love love painting, I love love love to act, I love love love to write. I have given them so many options to choose from, please let them enter your list too. Please let me study what I want to.

Over all this means you as a child have no right to question them, to reason them, to be annoyed from the hell you are going through, to be depressed, to be angry. Cause emotions like pain, anger, rage, distress, fear of losing are not experienced by a 15 year old. Because they didn’t experienced them in their time. In that old fashioned mindset the reason that I’m studying and have so many facilities in life what problems can I face.

A career choice is not a choice cause it will be my source of income in future. But the fact that they don’t understand is that all of my life I would end up doing a occupation dis heartedly without any will or soul in it.

What if I can be a poet or a novelist or a artist or a song writer or a actor or a performer. I bet, out of all the options mentioned above I would be a perfectionist in any of them if I work hard in them. And a person’s heart will never lie to them . And mine is much more stronger.

I hope that one day I would tell all of this to my parents but I cannot. It’s just that I have tried tooo many times and each time the answer was a death note.

Please if you are a parent and you forcing your child to become something you desire please don’t do it please. It’s like drinking poison. My half soul and heart are already dead and I am not aware till when the other will stay alive.

Please  perish your child’s dream.


Published by teentoday

Trying to make our teenage memorable. Looking forward to gain experience and tell stories.

4 thoughts on “Dreams are to be fulfilled, not muted🤐.

  1. I enjoyed your post and am thankful for your advice. I am sorry to hear about your plight but would suggest to take joy in things not of this world, but the next.


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