we as strong women. HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY.


stares of those bloody eyes,

whispering of those unknown smiles.

how cruel is the world to the young maiden,

first glowing her hairs and eyes then cursing her body and skin given by the divine.

how can you question the existence of your own kind,

when you and her were born with the same mind.

it’s the fault in the way we have lived through,

it’s the part of their brain which have expected her as a revenue.

standing and watching the show is all u have done,

the pain she suffered is unmeasurable .

even if she cries every sec of her life,

all mooning nightmares crawling fears of the past are still alive.

Women are no less than a man. She can turn out to anything you want her to be. It’s always said that behind every successful man their is a woman. But, we’re not just supporting pillars we can turn out to be roof that all pillars support. No matter even if it takes time, we have the ability to handle everything with a smile.

After all strong women never give up, we might need a break, a cup of coffee. But, we always come back stronger and bolder.


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Published by teentoday

Trying to make our teenage memorable. Looking forward to gain experience and tell stories.

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