Just hang in there don’t let go,

You have come so far just pull it a little more.

You have your loving people around,

You have their caring wishes holding you to the ground.

Keep your beliefs firm get a stronger grip on them,

Polish yourself so that you shine brighter then any jem.

Keep walking I know it’s a tiring journey,

But it’s your war you are the warrior have mercy.

Well I am no researcher and don’t believe in numbers I optimistic and believe in Hope, Strength, Unity, Love and Friendship.

We hope that every cancer patient may keep getting better and better, time by time. They have their rise from the ashes. They may welcome a new life ahead. Although it won’t be in a tick of the clock that they will get pretty normal. But faith moves the mountains and this faith is in their body. Once a vulnerable plant could get protective tree enough to give life to others by poring water of love, care and support.

We also pray for the ones that are gone. We hope they are helping god above in heaven. We hope Their families are getting used to the absence of their presence in the life.

We and you together will invoke the Divine to take special care of the suffering and suffered ones.

Take care.

Published by teentoday

Trying to make our teenage memorable. Looking forward to gain experience and tell stories.

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