WELCOME 2021….

New hope, new belief, a new dream for a new leaf.

We could be green, we could be yellow, we could be willow we could be shallow.

The roots are stronger than the seem, for petals we ignore the sepals, for fruit the seeds.

Fresh branches have grown, to be true wishes are sown, it’s the bare plants soul that will be prone.

The barks are getting older, it’s getting weaker, It’s power remain within, its deeper.

We can moan for the dead and dry, & keep some attention for a new sprouting’s cry.

let’s begin with afresh start.

Here we are again standing on the edge of the beautiful year ahead. We were carrying this devotion with care, we were loving this feelings in the air. A hope for a new start, a belief for a new believe grant. Its enchanting how we have changed in previous year or how we have remained the same. Its blissful that we are here, being wishful to be here again. Although we will be bragging about this for years, but we deserved it for all those tears. Some of us have lost something and some everything. It was unpleasant and terrifying. However now it’s far away and aspire for the ones near it to stay calm.

Take a deep breath, remember the ones that are gone and be patient for new ones to arrive. This is new year a complete end to that nightmare and start of a new dream. Aim for a new world with a new sky, the ground will be green, if you water the dry.

Finally it’s new day of a new year, we have climbed the hill and reached the cliff. We have seen some beautiful and some ugly shifts. Now we have to climb another with all joy and laughter.

Wishing you a very happy new year.


Published by teentoday

Trying to make our teenage memorable. Looking forward to gain experience and tell stories.

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