Finally Survived it……

After going through a set of pathetic years on loop I survived another shitty one. On this very day a year before, I thought I’m gonna nail this one, but ending with the the conclusions today, I ruined it more myself, AGAIN! and a bit of charity done by some virus. After surviving through this year I realized one thing that there and somethings in this world that could claim to be weirder than me, and I’m happy about it.
Let’s welcome this whole heartedly.

Though this year was a complete mess, but it just taught us that nothing in permanent. In this year a whole lot of people died some from corona virus and some from malnutrition, may their soul rest in peace. Masks and sanitizers became are permanent family members. We were parted from our friends and spent the whole year doing nothing but just sitting on our couch and doing nothing. What could be worse than that? Basically, this is an ugly memory that everyone wants to erase from their minds. But after passing through this death trip we’re still alive and that’s no less than an achievement.

So, now let’s get ready to step into another year full of surprises and welcome it from open arms. After all we’re corona survivors. So, a very HAPPY NEW YEAR from our side and let’s say get out to 2020 whole heartedly.


Published by teentoday

Trying to make our teenage memorable. Looking forward to gain experience and tell stories.

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