Try to be someone’s reason to smile.

Yes it is that time of the year when we celebrate the most joy.

When we celebrate our inner peace,

When we celebrate our hope ,

When we celebrate our belief,

When we celebrate us and the lord within us,


This year has been quite a representation of life. We have met our qualities, our interest and our hobbies again. We have realized that freedom is not only about walking and talking freely but about our state of mind. We have given ourselves time to heal and nourish our souls. And to understand that life is just about our happy and lovely moments, but not to forget about sad and harsh ones. We are not alone, we are in this together. We have fought very bravely but the war is not over, we can be very courageous, just be a little bit stronger. This Christmas we will walk in the new light, on the new path, and meet ourselves, which were kept apart.


I love Christmas, not because I get a lot of presents (that I actually never got), neither due to this whole decoration thing. I love Christmas because of two things. Firstly because of Christmas holidays, just imagine being in your quilt, binge watching Netflix and above all nobody is disturbing you the whole day. This is a kind of lifestyle that everyone once in their life have dreamed off. Secondly, because of my mom. Mom’s are actually the best thing that can certainly happen to any human being. My mom never kept gifts under the Christmas tree or in my socks. Basically, my mom never made a fool of me. Instead every year she takes me to an orphanage or an old age home and we donate. So, when I was a child every Christmas I asked my mother that, when will I get my gift and one reply that she gave me continuously for five years was the smile that you bring up on their faces is something that you can’t get even if you have a million of dollars. Each one of us know that Santas don’t exist, but still every year we wait for Santa, because somewhere inside us we’ve have a hope that next morning when we wake up our gifts will be waiting for us next to our bed. So, once again HAPPY SOLSTICE from our side and this time Instead of waiting for Santa just try to be someone’s Santa, be the reason of someone’s smile, someone’s hope. As, where there is hope there is life.

-DJ and SOLU.

Published by teentoday

Trying to make our teenage memorable. Looking forward to gain experience and tell stories.

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