Jaiselmer :The Golden City.


The city of sand.

“Finally! after a sum of 365 days, 18 hours, 32 minutes and counting I convinced my parents to take me away from this freaking place. The next thing I know is, we packed our bags and went on a road trip with some money, no plan, a playlist of our favorite songs, a sprit to enjoy and then we landed up being in a city with great architecture, great people and above all great food. JAISELMER”

The blessed temple..

Being a part of an Indian middle class family my trips are incomplete without  temples. It is said that in 1971 during the Indo-Pakistan war Pakistan threw bombs in India and they landed up in this temple and they didn’t explode. Till date those bombs are safe there and it  is said that if you take those bombs out, it is a probability that they’ll blast. This place is about 125km run from Jaiselmer but, trust me if you are fond of road trips and enjoying the path more than the destination. You should visit this place. One more friendly advice that I wanna give is that the roads are really very bad so prefer taking a taxi.

Into the Ruins…

As being an adventure lover, horror places are  must. Though I’m very scared of all these things but this could turn out to be once in a life time experience. Kuldhara is a cursed village and it is said that all the 84 villages near it got empty in just one night, Isn’t it exiting. Nobody knows that what happened that night but, it is said that all the villagers left Kuldhara that night by cursing the village that if we can’t stay happy here no one else can. This reminds of school that if  we can’t cheat we’ll not let others cheat too. Till now, nobody came to live here and no other constructions are done, because till date people believe that the curse is true. The most interesting thing about this place is that it has a big fat temple but not a single statue of god is in there. If humans can’t stay happy in there how can the gods be?

Iconic View…

This is the view that kept us waiting for near about an hour or two. It’s like a dream of mostly every human to get a shot of them in pitch black with harassing the Sun in every possible way they could. This view is what Jaiselmer is most popular for. This place is Sam aka the heart of Thar. You’ll get to see hundreds of sunsets in your life at different locations, time ,but trust me every sunset has it’s own charm. Every black shot of yours has it’s own story. We also did camel ride, jeep safari and many other things but, at the end what could be more exiting than eating maggi sitting on sand dunes while watching the sunset. One thing that I would like to recommend you is don’t ever sit on the back seat of camel if you do so you are soo dead!

Being A Foodie…

Now, let’s come to my favorite topic food! Due to corona we were not off to many restaurants but, we went to this place called Romany, Jaiselmer. With great food we also enjoyed a great view. Being a Rajasthani I actually never liked this food but, of course when you see this kind of cuisine on the same plate with complementary dessert. It’s obvious that you can’t deny the call of this combo.

Wandering on the streets..

Let me remind you that my mom also went with us. All women have a disease known as urge to shop, Guess what my mother is also infected by this disease. So, every time we go somewhere me and my father explore the streets and my mom explores each and every shop. So, Jaiselmer is full of architecture and even when you look at the houses they also have such minor carving done on each and every wall. One advice that I would like to give is if you like rides then please opt for an auto instead of a taxi or car. Taking an auto ride through these streets is no less than a roller coaster.

Haveli: hidden treasure…

Jaiselmer is actually the hub of Havelis. But, this is something special because it has a story attached to it. Stories make ordinary things special. These are a pack of five havelis made by a man for his sons. Nothing much in it but they have all these things of those times preserved which are amazing. Literally they also kept a toilet there, without a flush. I wonder where the hell did they discard the waste. Let’s forget those filthy people and explore the magnificent they made. Out of those five havelis the government took control over the second and the fifth one. But, in third and forth one still their families live.

Born Fire…

The day we discovered the dunes we also did camping. This was actually my first experience. Frankly if I confess it was not that nice. In the moths of December if you do camping in middle of the desert. It’s not cool. I wore an aver coat, wrapped with two blankets but it was freezing cold. So, never ever try camping in winter months unless you are a freak like me.

King and it’s men..

This is the main fort of the city. There is noting special about it instead of one thing. This is the only living fort in this world. When the king left this fort he gave this fort to his men and still there families live there. One more extraordinary thing is the king lives in this city and if any miss happening takes place in the fort premises the matter is taken to the king not the police.

In 800 A.D.

Welcome! to another temple. This temple is known as Jain Temple and it was built about twelve hundred years ago. There are two exiting this about this place. Firstly, it has the ‘KALPVIRKSH’ it is believed that if you make a wish to that tree the tree would fulfil your wish, but the cost is that you have not spoken a single lie in your whole life. In today’s world it is impossible to find someone like this. Let me know that if you get a chance what would you like to wish?

The second thing is they have their pet snake who has it’s personal burrow in this temple.


One minute trip.

No matter how much you try somethings will always be left. Maybe I’ve not explored everything, but the best part is I enjoyed my trip.


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