BOOKS: a friend or a teacher ?

A book reader can live a thousand lives and dreams before dying.

These are actually two of my favourite books . One helps me escape from reality and the other brings me back to it.Rich Dad Poor Dad is one of the books that you need to have during your teenage. RAM is a book that’ll take you into another world far better than ours, This book is like a dream that you hold in your hands.

Both these books are totally different from each other. But, trust me if you love reading books than these are perfect choices for you. Reading is like a conversation, but these books not only talk they also listen to you.

I‘m not telling you to believe me, but believe the books. It’s a tonic which may not change your life, but will surely gonna affect it in a good way. I hope it helps.


have vital role to play.

Books act as a role model, game changer and strong belief in our life. In our life some books turn out to be an angle where as some books fixes them back. Each time, each book has different roles to play and if you ask me my roles always depends on my mood swings. For me a room without books is exactly same as a body without soul. You know that’s the beauty of books it helps to travel this world without moving an inch. It’s like entering into some other world which is far better than freaking reality. I just started reading a few months ago and I realized that I’m a fool! Till date I always thought that reading books is the worst activity anyone could ever do to pass time. But, trust me I was wrong because once you get into it there is no coming back.

A good friend, a good book and sleep is a deadly combination of life and happiness, and guess what it’s actually very rare.


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Trying to make our teenage memorable. Looking forward to gain experience and tell stories.

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