This is 72nd time our country citizen will be wishing each other happy republic day, we will be celebrating to our success, we will be remembering our real heroes. We will be honoring this day to our constitution. There is a change in the ryhmth of our heart, This pride of mine cannot stay apart.Continue reading “WE ARE REPUBLIC.”

Pity the flower….

I wish I could be more of a part of nature. Flowers are so naive creatures. They don’t know what’s bad. Will they promising birth or moaning for death ? They do their best to be trusted. They look at their throne and think they are strong. -SOLU You know what I pity more theContinue reading “Pity the flower….”

My Artistry…

Perfection is a prison, you are meant to fly. A painting is needed to be filled with a little mystery, fantasy and randomness because the most perfect ones always turn out to be the most boring ones. Creativity is experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules and having fun. Creativity is not about making different things,Continue reading “My Artistry…”

WELCOME 2021….

New hope, new belief, a new dream for a new leaf. We could be green, we could be yellow, we could be willow we could be shallow. The roots are stronger than the seem, for petals we ignore the sepals, for fruit the seeds. Fresh branches have grown, to be true wishes are sown, it’sContinue reading “WELCOME 2021….”


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